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Undergraduate: Social Gerontology

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She has been active for more than twenty years in the design and implementation of community models for helping people with long-term mental health problems. She is the president of the NGO Altra, where she is also employed.

She is member of professional, scientific and working groups in the field of mental health and social care at various state institutions, e.g. Social Chamber of Slovenia, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Faculty of Social Work, Institute of Social Welfare, Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Mental Health.

She also has experience with international projects and cooperation, most recently as a Senior Expert and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the project "Supporting Modernization and De-Institutionalization of Social Services" in Northern Macedonia, where she worked as an expert in education and training of professional providers. in the field of implementation of deinstitutionalization and modernization of the social protection system.