The conference exceeded all expectations

"This year's jubilee 10th Scientific Conference It’s about People has exceeded all our expectations. In seven days, we hosted more than 250 panelists, and we were joined by more than 2,000 participants daily, who participated in 60 round tables and panels, "said assistant prof. dr. Barbara Toplak Perovič, Secretary General of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.

Many foreign and domestic researchers, leaders and others who have actively participated in discussions, round tables or just presented their contributions will be included in the collection of abstracts to be published by Alma Mater Press. Otherwise, the 11th International Scientific Conference It’s about people will again take place in March 2023.

At the conference, which lasted until March 18, 2022, the speakers gave their contributions in the fields of health, medicine, social gerontology, social work, law, education, psychology, psychotherapy, communication, archiving, informatics, philosophy, and humanities. The conference is attended annually by world science leaders, often professors from universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia and others. 

Alma Mater Europaea has 1,600 students in 28 study programs at doctoral, master's and undergraduate levels. It boasts the highest employability of graduates among universities and faculties in Slovenia. “All students participate in the conference. Doctoral students present their research, master's students prepare and publish reviews, and undergraduate students write summaries of papers, ”said dr. Sebastjan Kristovič, coordinator of the study process.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is an association of 2,000 scientists, including 33 Nobel Prize winners. The academy is based in Salzburg.