Third Rectors Conference of South-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans in Mostar

From 7th till 8th of February 2019, the University of Mostar hosted the 3rd Rectors Conference of South-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, attended by 30 universities from the Western Balkans.

At the Forum, the Rectors signed the Academic Inter-institutional Agreement on Cooperation with the aim of strengthening inter-national cooperation, especially in the fields of scientific research and artistic activities and teacher and student mobility, the design and implementation of joint study programs and joint application to European projects, with the aim of improving the quality in higher education and increasing international cooperation. The delegation of Alma Mater Europaea ECM, composed of: Director of AMEU ECM, Prof. Dr. Jurij Toplak, Head of the Department for Informatics, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matej Mertik and Director of the AMEU International Office, Dr. Goran Gumze have attended the conference.

In addition to the memorandum, the representatives of the AMEU ECM also signed the cooperation agreement for the implementation of the joint Master's Degree Program in Digital Humanities, within the Erasmus + Mundus Joint master programs calls 2019, that will be run together with Austrian and Croatian partners.