We took Erasmus students across Slovenia

We are hosting 15 Erasmus students from Italy, Poland and Germany at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM this year. At the end of the week, we took them on a excursion across Slovenia within the framework of the internationalization project.

“We walked through the old city center of our capital. Afterwards we breath some fresh air in the Bled gorge. The excursion ended in Bled, where the students had the opportunity to visit the island, or take a walk around the lake,” explained Dr. Goran Gumze, head of the international office at Alma Mater. Erasmus students this year, have enrolled in the programs Physiotherapy, Management and Health Sciences. They came to Alma Mater at the beginning of the academic year, and they remain until the beginning of March. Students chose courses based on their and our study programs. Some students of physiotherapy will also conduct clinical practice in the Health Center of Adolf Drolc Maribor and the University Clinical Center Maribor.“ We accepted the students with an introduction, where we explained the course of studies and show them our institution. We also presented them with the possibility of extra circular activities and all the obligations that must be arranged upon arrival on the exchange. They also attended the welcome party for students,” added dr. Gumze. As well Alma Mater is having outgoing study exchange this year. Students have mostly decided for countries such as Germany, Austria and North - European countries. On exchange, however, they remain for practice for about 3 months and for study for 5 months.