With knowledge from practice to work

Education. “It was my personal choice to decide to study part-time in order to be able to work on my career at the same time. During my studies I started my own business. I chose management because I was convinced by the choice of subjects in economics, management, informatics and law, ”explains Tea Uršič, a graduate of the 1st Bologna Degree in Management Studies at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.

She adds that she was looking for a study programme that would allow her to primarily present applicable subjects and where practitioners were teaching for a long time. “The fact that all lectures are recorded and can be viewed anywhere, at any time repeatedly, was a great advantage for me, because I worked hard throughout my studies and was able to gain experience. It is much easier if, after graduation, you can submit to your prospective employer all the experience you have gained during your studies,” concludes Uršič.

According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, fewer people decided to study in the last academic year than the year before, despite the fact that the percentage of the unemployed among those who have completed higher education is the lowest. However, there is a growing demand for highly educated staff in healthcare, nursing, physiotherapy and management. “In addition to the chronic shortage of physiotherapists and health care providers in Slovenia, the situation is even worse in Austria. Employers from northern neighbours even provide scholarship to students from Alma Mater in order to get highly educated staff to work in their health and rehabilitation facilities,”explains dr. Goran Gumze, Head of International Office at Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.