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Zavod Terapija also offers physiotherapy treatment for the area of feet and face

The physiotherapy clinic Zavod Terapija presented an extended activity of physiotherapy treatment.

The methods and techniques of physiotherapeutic treatment in the area of ​​the feet were presented for the following diagnoses: Hallux valgus, Haglund's heel, arched and flat feet, a thorn in the heel, inflammation, and pain in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon. "We also showed the procedure of facial physiotherapy, which is carried out at Zavod Terapija for diagnoses of facial paresis after a stroke or other unknown causes, for atypical facial pain that can occur after dental procedures. Facial physiotherapy can also be used to prevent ringing in the ears, chronic inflammation of sinuses, and allergies in the eye area," says Tatjana Horvat, head of the Terapija Institute.

Physiotherapy treatment will now also include the option of lymphatic drainage, according to Dr. Voddr. "Manual lymphatic drainage is a very effective manual physiotherapy technique for the face, arms, legs, neck, nape, chest, and abdomen, which directly affects the lymphatic system. It is a successful pain-relieving method that benefits the immune system and acts as an anti-stress agent," explains student Mateja Kozic. She is grateful for the opportunity to gain this kind of experience, as the Institute of Therapy enables Alma Mater graduates to refine and upgrade their acquired knowledge, which is crucial in their work.

An orthopedist and Alma Mater lecturer, dr, also attended the event. Danijel Ščap, who will participate in the treatment of patients. "Diagnoses in the field of orthopedics and traumatology are common ailments. We effectively relieve them with physiotherapy, kinesiology, shock waves, and ultrasound therapies," emphasizes Daniel Ščap. He also points out that students must work on people. "Some are textbooks, seminars, lectures, and theory. Another thing is concrete work with patients," he concludes and wishes the institute, students, and other colleagues successful work.

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