[ERASMUS+] announcement

Dear Erasmus+ students,
• AMEU will continue with lectures on-line for Erasmus sudents.
• All internship activities are stoped for unknown period.
• The visiting students my decide if they want to stay in Slovenia or go back home (this decision should be based on actual situation in sending country and posibilities to travel).
• AMEU international office will assist the students with travel if possible, but please make sure that return to your country is possible. Hungary closed the borders and does not allow the transit, they may accept their own citizens. Austria will close the borders as it did with Germany. Italy is accepting own citizens.

Dear students, we know this is a new and chaotic situation which we have to cope together. Those who would like to stay in Slovenia or have no possibility to return have our full support. Those who can and want to go home are free to do so and follow the lectures from home. Once this pandemy is over, we will invite you to Maribor for a week to pass the exams.

AMEU will confirm your mobility exchange, even if you decide to go home.

Please contact us about your decision and your plans, so that we can inform your institutions and Erasmus national agency.

Dr. Goran Gumze
Head of International office
T:+386 30 465 255

Nuša Veber
Erasmus coordiunator AMEU
T: +386 51 431 758