[EVENT] Humanities and new technologies: Does the Artificial Intelligence threaten humanity values?

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM and ISH are organizing a lecture within the project " CREATURES, HUMANS, ROBOTS: CREATION THEOLOGY BETWEEN HUMANISM AND POSTHUMANISM". In addition to students from the Web Technologies and Humanities study programs, the lecture is also open to the public.

When? 3 february 2020 (17:00-18:15)

Where? At AMEU-ECM, Slovenska ulica 17, Maribor.

Speakers: dr. Gorazd Andrejč, dr. Matej Mertik, dr. Lenart Škof, dr. Maja Gutman

Summary:  The rapid development of artificial intelligence and its exceptionally successful use in an increasing number of fields has raised pressing and difficult ethical questions in recent years. It also raises broader philosophical as well as theological questions about the relationship between man and technology, and even about our understanding of man as such. The question is, are we humans really as unique and special beings as both classical humanism and the traditional religious perspective of Abrahamic religions show us? The challenges presented by the posthumanist interpretations of artificial intelligence, human beings and human-technology relations for secular and Christian humanism (as well as other religious versions of humanism) will be discussed at the round table by dr. Gorazd Andrejč, dr. Matej Mertik, dr. Lenart Škof and dr. Maja Gutman.