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Alma Mater encourages high school research

High School Students of II. Gimnazija Maribor demonstrated an excellent approach to their future academic development in research work and communicating research results with the general public in the framework of the It's About People 2024 conference at Alma Mater.

"High school research promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepares students for career opportunities and knowledge development. The young researchers who took part today are the future flower of Slovenian intelligence," said Dr. Luka Martin Tomažič.
Students of the II. gimnazija Maribor, who each received gold awards in their respective fields at the national research competition, again attracted attention this year by presenting excellent research projects.

Nuša Ačko focuses on the therapeutic effects of cannabis, as it has been in use for medical purposes since ancient times. “In this study, the purpose was to examine the impact of five varieties of medical cannabis on melanoma cell lines. The main conclusions of our research were that certain extracts reduced the cell viability of melanoma cells without excessively reducing the viability of healthy cell lines. Moreover, we also focused on connections between cannabinoid profiles, melanoma cell line mutations, melanoma progression rates, and cell viability and looked for explanations for them.”


Vid Koren and Ana Potočnik reviewed the neutralizing properties and cost-effectiveness of drugs and food supplements for neutralizing gastric acid. “Medicines and food supplements were compared and evaluated regarding the pH they would reach in the stomach and their neutralizing capacity. A comparison of the cost-effectiveness of medicines and food supplements was also done by reviewing publicly published prices. The results show that medicines have, on average, a higher neutralizing capacity than food supplements. Medicines, on average, achieved pH values that were more appropriate to the physiological state of the stomach than food supplements. However, the cost-effectiveness review shows that dietary supplements are slightly more effective.”


Žiga Gaal, given the rise in self-esteem and anxiety-related problems, explores the correlation between regular physical activity and anxiety and self-esteem. “Several studies have shown that physical activity could be a good solution, demonstrating a positive correlation between physical activity and self-esteem and a negative correlation between physical activity and anxiety. In addition, the study showed that individuals who engage in moderate to high-intensity physical exercise show the highest (or best) levels of self-esteem. The association between type of exercise and anxiety was also shown to be statistically insignificant.


Borja Ranzinger Assessing Alternative Electoral Systems and their implementation in the Republic of Slovenia. “The electoral system is one of the most important factors influencing the functioning of democracies worldwide. Fair representation is an idea that advocates the closest possible relationship between the wishes of the electoral base on election day and the final composition of representative bodies. Slovenia's electoral threshold results in many 'wasted votes' in each election, leading to low levels of fair representation. In the last national elections, the electoral threshold resulted in a 24% loss of votes,” she adds that this research paper analyzes alternative systems to see how good they are at ensuring fair representation and determine whether or not we could implement them in Slovenia.