AMEU receives approval for 3 projects at the public call “Innovative student projects for public benefit 2016-2018 at AMEU”

The public fund of the Republic of Slovenia for scholarships, development, disability and maintenance, announced a public tender “ Project work with the public and non-profit sectors in the local and regional environment – Innovative student projects for public benefit 2016-2018”

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM successfully registered 3 projects, in cooperation with several of Maribor's healthcare institutions and clinics. The projects will be run until the end of September, and activities will be conducted by students under the supervision of pedagogical mentors from AMEU and its project partners.

The purpose of the public tender is the reinforcement of cooperation and connectivity between the higher education system and the environment (the public and non-profit sectors in the local/regional environment), as well as the conducting of liberal models of crossing between education and the labour market, i.e. the local environment. This will ensure the participants' obtainment of concrete, practical experiences during years of education, thus increasing the ease of crossing over from education to work.

Goals of the projects:

  • Consolidation of innovative, multilateral efforts to help students develop their competencies and gain practical experiences, which will contribute to their employability

  • Development of creative approaches for creating new job opportunities

  • Connecting higher education institutions with participants in the local/regional environment, for the benefit of the greater public.

For more information, follow this link.

Investment co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, through the European Social Fund.