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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Ana Pandur, author, dancer, philologist and philosopher, has devoted her attention to studying flamenco and its application to contemporary performing practices in the framework of studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and later. After completing her classical ballet education, she studied flamenco dance and theory at the Amor de Dios Academy in Madrid with Merche Esmeralda and others between 2002 and 2004. Upon her return to Slovenia she founded the Flamenko Dance Association, which is the central organization for the development, promotion and education of flamenco in the region.

As a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue she connects flamenco with contemporary performative practices and searches for new author approaches in which she connects flamenco with contemporary dance, theater and music. She is the author of numerous dance performances, with the emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach to flamenco. The anatomy of the encounter; Sylvia, Carmen, Maria, should be emphasized, which premiered in November 2013 at Glej Theater, Cabello 22.11 (in collaboration with Rosana Hribar and Robert Jukic) in March 2014 in Cankarjev dom, Syncopation in May 2016 at Plesni teater Ljubljana.

Her latest performance Firebird premiered in February 2018 at the international BiFlamenko festival in Cankarjev dom, where she participaded as the first and only domestic author and performer, alongside the biggest names of the contemporary flamenco genre.

She works with foreign and Slovenian musicians, as well as dancers and choreographers (and at the same time as a performer and choreographer, she works with Anton Podbevšek Theater and director Matjaž Berger (Marina Abramović or how I lost the way to Antigone, Thus spoke Zaratustra, Time is a child playing with pebbles, …).

She is the author of the first Slovene flamenco dance performance Metafora, premiered in PG Kranj in March 2009. She also works with different flamenco gutarrists like  David Savcić, as well as Vito Marenče, performing in a form of a flamenco-jazz “dance concert” format at numerous festivals at home and abroad.