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Artificial intelligence and modern technologies are part of everyday life

Experts in web technologies and applied artificial intelligence enlightened the discussion in the framework of the conference It's about people with the latest trends in creative and collaborative learning with a modern web, Internet of things growth, and new requirements of media and information literacy in modern society.

"The education of young people in the field of digital technologies requires the greatest possible degree of inclusion of all modern online and information tools in education, intending to develop skills and a way of thinking for the needs of acquiring knowledge in the field of modern technologies. This includes creative and logical thinking, innovative use of cyberspace, and broader knowledge of ethics and humanities," explains professor Matej Mertik, Head of the Department of Web and Information Technologies at Alma Mater Europaea, discussed views on creative and collaborative learning in virtual environments with lecturers from Brazil, Italy, and Iran.

Artificial intelligence technologies have made a breakthrough in the last ten years, increasing daily and being used in all fields. Experts and researchers from Slovakia, Austria, and Croatia presented solutions on current topics in artificial intelligence, communication patterns between humans and artificial intelligence, ethics and artificial intelligence, and using artificial intelligence as assistive technology. 

The podium of Web technologies and Applied Artificial Intelligence is a part of the regular study programs of digital technologies at Alma Mater Europaea - Web Science and Information Technologies at bachelor and master level and the latest new accredited Ph.D. study program Applied Artificial intelligence.