Assistant prof. dr. Tine Kovačič at the meeting of leading European physical therapists

The study dean of the doctoral study programme physiotherapy, assistant prof. dr. Tine Kovačič, also president of the Slovene Association of physical therapists participated at the three-day meeting of leading physiotherapists within the Europe region - World Physiotherapy. He took part in numerous formal and informal discussions.

The meeting in Prague was attended by the presidents of physiotherapeutic associations and chambers from all over Europe, including dr. Emma Stokes, President of the World Association of Physiotherapists / World Physiotherapy and Esther Mary D'Arcy, President of the World Physiotherapy European Region.

Assistant prof. dr. Tine. Kovačič: "We were unanimous that masters and doctoral students of physiotherapy should be trained to work effectively in interdisciplinary medical teams that contribute to the provision of high quality physiotherapy services and initiatives to improve quality in scientific research."

At the doctoral and master's degree in Physiotherapy at Alma Mater we take into account the synergistic effects of education, research and clinical practice, as we want to prepare future graduates of physiotherapy not only for work here and now, but for the future, 5, 10 or even 20 years in advance. In doing so, they need to be encouraged to help and participate as future experts in the further development of the physiotherapy profession and physiotherapy as a science. And last but not least, to contribute with full responsibility as excellent professionals to a healthy society of longevity. 

Tine Kovačič, the study dean of the masters and doctoral studies in Physiotherapy at Alma Mater, firmly believes that in many clinical environments, within our network of clinical practice training, they will want such individuals who co-create a common vision for the future of physiotherapy practice (supported by evidence), education and research. "All three topics are focused on responsible behaviour and action in public health within the society, as well as for the benefit of health and health-related quality of life of all people. A vision that always takes into account that we are critically evaluating existing physiotherapy practice, that we are critically reflecting on it, analysing it, improving it, is the only right vision! That is why our postgraduate physiotherapy programs are extremely important, as only physiotherapists equipped with excellent competencies and advanced knowledge are the bearers of change in the field of physiotherapy. ” adds dr. Kovačič.