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A successful start of the Archival conference at Alma Mater

The main topics of the 33rd International Archival Day conference and the 17th International Autumn Archival School 2023 will revolve around integrating traditional and digital archival theory and practice and the impact of Information Technology on archival work.

Recognized experts in the field of archival science, archival theory and practice will give lectures from 15 countries, including Italy, Romania, Poland, Oman, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Malta, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, USA, Czech Republic, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

"Classical and digital archival theory and practice, along with the impact of information technologies on work in professional archives and archive services for creators, are closely related topics. The conference aims to address questions about digital innovations, IT documents, cyber security, and data protection. New approaches for electronic document management systems and archiving will be explored, as well as the role of data, metadata, and para data in archival theory and practice. We will also discuss the digital transformation of paper documents and other important issues," pointed out  Dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc, the director of the International Institute of Archival Sciences and study dean of Archival Studies and Sciences at Alma Mater.

The conference and Autumn Archives School will be held in a hybrid format until December 2, 2023. You can find the detailed program HERE.