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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Beno Novak is a professional contemporary dancer and co-founder of KUD Qulenium Ljubljana. In 2016 he graduated from the Salzburg Dance Academy of Dance (SEAD) in contemporary dance and performance. Due to his success, he was subsequently invited to upgrade his knowledge at the Tisch Dance (New York University) and the The Place (London) dance academy.

In 2017, he helped Jason Mabana to create a charity project called "Requiem for Aleppo", which was designed to raise money to help restore Aleppo in Syria.

In 2017 and 2018 he danced at Gary Clark in the performance "Coal", which received numerous awards such as "UK Theater Award", "Critics Circle National Dance Awards" and others.

In addition to dance, he actively participates in the organization and implementation of the Kalejdoskop festival Kranj and Kalejdoskop festival Ljubljana and the summer-dance festival Summer Intensive Portugal.

Alongside dancing within international dance companies, he has been acting as a creator for many years, mostly within his company Qulenium.