Commemoration in honour of prof. dr. Marion Plenković

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM paid tribute to the work, contribution to the development and friendship of academician prof. dr. Mario Plenković, the founder of the doctoral study Strategic Communication Management at Alma Mater, the study dean of this study programme, long-time Senator Alma Mater and member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Rectors of universities, deans, members of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, colleagues, students and friends paid tribute to him at the commemoration ceremony. The following speakers honoured his memory: prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, President of Alma Mater Europaea – ECM; Prof. dr. Damir Boras, Rector of the University of Zagreb;  Assoc. prof. dr. Božidar Veljkovič, study dean of the study program Strategic Communication Management, and assistant prof. dr. Daria Mustić, lecturer in the doctoral program Strategic Communication management.

The commemoration took place in the presence of the immediate family, his son Andrej Plenković, Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, and prof. dr. Vlasta Kučiš, wife of late prof. dr. Mario Plenković.

Prof. dr. Mario Plenković  will be fondly remembered by Alma Mater.

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