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Dr. Sebastjan Kristovič in a TV broadcast Svet at Kanal A on the plight of children

"I think we need to tell children and young people that life is beautiful, wonderful, that it's worth living, but that you have to roll up your sleeves and make something beautiful out of your life."

Broadcast Svet on Kanal A hosted dr. Sebastjan Kristovič, who spoke about recognizing the hardships and mental health of children. Among other things, he emphasized that the issue is multifaceted: “As far as mental health is concerned, this is in fact an extremely deficient area in the Republic of Slovenia. We know, for example, that in the last 25 years, mental illness has increased by as much as 64 percent, which is extremely large and worrying. "

The upcoming end of the school year will cause severe distress to many young people. Dr. Kristovič emphasizes that the school should not be based solely on grades. "In the educational system, we should take care of the overall development of the child's personality. If the child has a fully developed personality, including perseverance, a healthy self-image, a healthy self-confidence, he will not be overwhelmed when he experiences certain failures. "