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Erasmus Summer School

We are excited to invite you and your students to participate in our first AMEU - ISH Summer School ’23, based on the idea of civilisationary searching for peaceful co-habitation from bottom to top.

The Summer School will take place for 5 days, from Monday, June 26th to Friday, June 30th 2023, with the kind invitation to the farewell meeting on Saturday late morning, July 1st 2023. We are going to perform lectures and do fieldwork in two locations: first part in Ljubljana, the second part in a beautiful Slovene Istrian village, Sv. Anton.

The main topic of the Summer School is the peace-making processes of everyday life which will be thematized from different perspectives:

- interpersonal conflicts resolutions,

- confrontations with institutional unjust procedures,

- attitudes towards social minorities and structurally discriminated social entities in the intersections of social divisions (with the accent on migrations, religious inclinations, political orientations, genders / sexualities, and knowledge-power relations),

- theoretical visions of peaceful coexistence and the related socio-political structuring and cultural trends with global impact.

The summer school will be organized in the 3 work sections:

I. June 26.- June 27, Ljubljana:

- lectures & preparations for the fieldwork

- carrying out of the first interviews in the urban environment


II. June 28, Slovenian coast; Sv. Anton as the research focal point:

- interviews in the suburban and rural environment

- preparation for the creative and transdisciplinary discussion in a focus group


III. June 29 – June 30, Sv. Anton:

- a creative and transdisciplinary focus group discussion

- a summary of the obtained results & debriefing, farewell and the drive back to Ljubljana.


The Summer School 2023 will be organized in the framework of Erasmus+ program (as a Blended Intensive Program), free of charge. It is suitable for students of all study cycles from social sciences, humanities, or similar study programs.

The participants are supposed to arrange the accommodation in Ljubljana on their own, however, in Istria (Sv. Anton) it is planned to be organized by AMEU-ISH whereby only B & B will be paid by our Erasmus guest students themselves while lunch and dinner will be completely free of charge in a traditional Istrian family house.

We would be happy to collaborate with you, your students, and professors. The latter are invited to co-create the content of the school and get involved as lecturers. If you find the offer interesting, please send confirmation to by March 13th 2023.

Students need to submit their informative application.