Free seminar for Alma Mater Europaea students in Ljubljana

For more than a decade, the Special Olympics of Slovenia, a sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities, has been addressing the health status of an athlete in the so-called health program that is present in Special Olympics programs worldwide.

In the past, experienced health professionals, along with volunteers, have examined teeth and eyes, controlled hearing, and promoted healthy lifestyles. One of the strongest branches of the health program is the so-called fun fitness, where different measurements test the athlete's basic motor skills. Alma Mater students have participated in this program several times.

In 2017, we started implementing the project “Healthy Community”, which allows us to upgrade our existing health program within the Special Olympics. Part of that is to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about communication and access to people with disabilities, in our case our athletes.

A seminar was held on this topic on Saturday morning, January 11, at 9am the premises of Alma Mater Europaea Ljubljana.

Lecturer: Katarina Bošnjak, prof. spec. in rehab. pedagogy.

Be special together with us.

Urška Kustura
Executive secretary
SO Slovenia