PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Alma Mater

Alma Mater Europea – ECM is richer for the accreditation of the third-level study program – Applied Artificial Intelligence.

On this important acquisition, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts president also expressed its congratulations. Klaus Mainzer is convinced that research into artificial intelligence is connected with grand visions of the future of humanity. 

A group of experts from the Council of the National Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Quality in Higher Education (NAKVIS) pointed out that the study program meets all quality standards, offers students comprehensive knowledge, and enables them to achieve their set goals and competencies.

"The increasing use of advanced technology in our daily lives has created a high demand for professionals with qualifications in artificial intelligence. The doctoral program Applied Artificial Intelligence at Alma Mater represents a first-class study that will fundamentally contribute to the development of science and research in the field of artificial intelligence," emphasizes the president of Alma Mater Europaea  – ECM  Professor Ludvik Toplak. He adds that the interdisciplinary dimension is visible in processing content and topics from computer science, medicine, law, humanities, technology, and applied sciences, thus offering an interweaving of significantly different areas. "In this way,” he says, “our students will get the necessary technical and professional background that will enable them successfully to use artificial intelligence in society."

The head of the doctoral study program Applied Artificial Intelligence at Alma Mater is Professor Matej Mertik: "Artificial intelligence has brought revolutionary results and represents an indispensable role in future society. Our curriculum provides an excellent overview of current applied research in artificial intelligence and brings a meaningful interrelationship of different content. The  program offers the latest technological developments in this field."