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Graduate: Health Sciences

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Associate Professor Helena Blažun Vošner has completed her pre-doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins University, she completed her first doctorate at the University of Maribor in the field of Organization and Management, and the second at the University of Eastern Finland in the field of Health Sciences. Her research interest is focused on the development of health sciences, quality of health services, health informatics. She is the author of numerous scientific and professional articles, many of which have been published in journals with a high impact factor. She has participated in numerous international, national and bilateral projects, currently participating in the AWARE, SRiP-PMiS, Integrated Home Care and EU STAMINA projects. Assoc. prof. ddr. Helene Blažun Vošner is also a member of the SRiP-PMiS Program Council, and she is also a reviewer of numerous journals with an impact factor.