ISH’s Roundtable on Geert Hofstede and the Research of Cultures

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the Alma Mater Eurupaea’s Faculty of Humanities (AMEU – ISH) organized a roundtable about Geert Hofstede. The event was led and moderated by the junior researcher Daniel Siter.

Professor Jurij Toplak has presented the life and work of a Dutch social psychologist and cultural anthropologist whose research work was based on cultural values and differences. »Hofstede’s works are highly relevant in a multicultural world.” Hofstede is one of the most cited anthropologists and sociologists.

Daniel Siter presented a systematic review of Hofstede's works, models, theories, and research in Slovenian literature. He focused on translated works into Slovenian, reviews of his books, student writings, and published articles by Slovenian authors who quoted his works in Slovenian or foreign scientific journals. »I have traced down at least 23 diplomas and five master's thesis, and one doctoral dissertation written by Slovenian students, primarily in the field of economics and business, and based on Hofstede's research on cultures«.

Abdulrasheed Zakari delivered a paper on Hofstede's cultural dimensions and environmental footprint in Central Europe and illustrated its relationship. Zakari has pointed out »that culture certainly has a connection with the environmental situation.« Zakari and Toplak published an article “Investigation into the social behavioural effects on a country's ecological footprint: Evidence from Central Europe” in a reputable journal Technology Forecasting and Social Change.

The event took place as part of the research program Research of Cultural Formations (ARRS, P6–0278). The presented papers were supplemented with questions and comments by dr. Klavdija Zorec and dr. Sebastjan Kristovič.  

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