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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Jana Menger (1973) is a dancer and a choreographer who has started her professional career in 1993, when she joined the Dance Theatre Ljubljana. She continues to expand her dance education in many workshops and seminars home and abroad. She graduated at the Dance Academy in Ljubljana and acquired a Master’s degree at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, the Art of Movement programme. Dancer and choreographer Jana Menger worked in over ninety dance and theatre performances. Since 1994, she has been working with many directors and choreographers in professional theatres, as well as in independent productions, where she met different stage approaches as a dancer and as a choreographer, as well as an actor, director and light designer. For the past twenty years, she has also been devoting her time to teaching and mentorship.


Beside complex motoric and training of motoric memory, I develop and emphasise equal use of four extremities in relation to the floor. I do not use gravity principles just as an obstacle, but also as an efficient tool for literature of movement. I introduce removal of unfounded mannerisms and modern ornamentality to the movement. I dedicate myself to development of functional strength, motoric and stamina-related capabilities. I emphasize development of strength, dynamics, physical intelligence and the use of the floor as a dancing partner.


The basic guideline for the workshop concept is the relation between word and movement - dancing. In the workshop, I will focus on simultaneous performance of both and on combination between taught and improvised. Research will be based on the principles of synergy and on exclusion of word and movement. The research process will emphasise extending of the spectre of possibilities for using word and movement, as their concurrency is becoming a very valuable tool in modern theatre-dance art show.