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JHRS: Magazine about health and rehabilitation sciences

Professor Vladimir Trajkovski presented at the newly established scientific magazine Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences as part of the It’s About People conference. Alma Mater Europaea – ECM from Slovenia and the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism joined forces.

"Content includes findings from health, psychological, biological, educational, genetic, medical, psychiatric, and sociological studies, as well as ethical, philosophical, and legal contributions that advance knowledge of disability prevention and treatment," said Trajkovski. He pointed out what obstacles small countries such as Slovenia and Macedonia face when establishing a highly indexed magazine.

JHRS boasts a diverse editorial board represented by recognized experts from all over the world. Prof. Trajkovski explained what open access means and why the editorial board decided on such access. It is currently indexed in nine recognized databases, and in the coming year, they hope to be indexed in Scopus, and the goal is to be indexed in WoS.

In the interview, he said that the reviewers are at a high level and are responsible for ensuring no problems with authorship or plagiarism. In this way, they maintain the status of the journal and the published articles since only those that have passed the review process are published.

At the end of the interview, he added that everyone who wants to publish a paper on health or rehabilitation sciences adheres to the IMRAD scheme when writing is invited to post in the journal.