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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Katra Kodela (1979) has a wide range of experience in the area of movement, dance and psychology. She graduated psychology, is a licenced teacher of Pilates (Fitness Association of Slovenia) and a graduated pedagogue after the Franklin method, an instructor of qigong Mawangdui Daoyin Shu, tuinologist and craniosacral therapist. During her education she took karate, competed in dance sports and later dedicated herself to contemporary dance and theatre. She acquired knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics at the Institute für Franklin Methode and received the title of a movement educator. She leads group and individual exercises of Pilates and Franklin, holds workshops of proper and healthy movement and teaches anatomy. She completed the program of craniosacral therapy and is furthering her knowledge in this field at the Upledger Institute and the Barral Institute in Great Britain.

Physical preparation of a dancer

The class combines Pilates, yoga, qigong, Franklin method and the uses visualisation. The goal is to deepen the dancer's awareness of his/her own body with an emphasis put on the understanding of the biomechanics of a human body. The class develops power and precision, especially the power of the deep core of the body that works as prevention for all other movements and help achieve a better balance and control of the movement.