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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Milan Tomášik (1981) is a Slovak dancer, choreographer and teacher. He currently lives and creates in Slovenia and Belgium. He graduated in 2004, at the Brussels international dance academy P.A.R.T.S. He is the co-founder and active member of internationally successful Les SlovaKs dance collective, which took him through Europe, Africa, China and Central and North America. He received the Prievidza award in Slovakia for promoting modern dance home and abroad. He created many successful shows as an independent author and has participated in numerous international cooperation, which received attention across Europe. Due to his vast teaching experience, he has been regularly invited to many dance institutions in London, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Beijing, Salzburg, Munich, Brussels, Deltebre, Prague and others.


Happy feet, is a technical class. I start with exercises for extension in all directions at the same time. In our own way of motion, we travel through three different stages: stopping, moving and dancing. Once the body and the mind are warmed up and we are aware of our movement, we continue with an exploration of speed, dynamics and our own limitations. We research and develop our own way of dancing; we seek pleasure, not only in easy, but also in difficult movements; we strengthen the body, research personal and joint space. The technique goes hand in hand with performance.