Motivational and encouraging

Alma Mater Alumni Club hosted a lecture prepared by the mental trainer, Matej Lunežnik, psychologist, who has been working in the field of occupational and sports psychology for many years.

At the invitation of the Alumni Club and the Acting President Špela Bobek, Lunežnik, who has already helped many athletes, clubs and companies to better sports and business results with his methods, hosted a lecture.
"During the crisis, more and more people are facing mental or financial distress and lack of motivation to work and study from home, so the topic of the lecture is even more topical. We listened to a very interesting, encouraging and positive lecture with a touch of humor. He gave an impetus and opened a new perspective on the current situation and what we can gain from it, we learned how to use this "corona time" to work on ourselves, to achieve personal growth and we also learned one of the relaxation techniques. A thought to remember “Weeds grow one way or another on their own, but if we want a beautiful garden with blooming flowers, we need to take care of it and water the flowers. It is the same with a person and his mental attitude and personal growth ", explained Špela Bobek.
New lectures of Alumni Club of Alma Mater will take place once every two months.