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News from China: Co-supervising a PhD

Professor Ioannis Liritzis of Alma Mater Europaea University participated in the defense of PhD thesis of his student Alex Westra's PhD thesis at Henan University, Department of History and Culture, Minglun Old Campus.

Professor Liritzis was the co-supervisor external (as Alma Mater), and the local supervisor was the world-known prehistoric archaeology Prof Wang Wei (Henan University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). A committee of five (internal and external) members examined the thesis, the 2nd stage of PhD submission.

Alex Westra has passed and will work as a postdoc at Henan Univ. Alex is a new International Consortium of Advanced Digital Archaeological-Historical Network member at Alma Mater Europaea University. His PhD thesis is Critical Comparative Study in Archaeology: A Case Study of the Shang Dynasty and Mycenaean Civilization (1300-1050 BC).

Some papers on comparative archaeology have already been co-published with Professor Liritzis and Dr Westra, and it is envisaged that dynamic progress on the subject will emerge in collaboration between Alma Mater and Henan University with student involvement.