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Alma Mater Europaea - ECM's undergraduate program in Nursing provides a broad foundation in nursing, as well as in the biological and social sciences, which are essential in the training of skilled professional nurses.

Because you will make an invaluable contribution to society, you deserve to be educated at a school which will both challenge and nurture you, and give you the option to pursue diverse opportunities.

The Alma Mater Europaea bachelor in Nursing program offers both academic and clinical nursing courses that provide the basis for professional practice in healthcare delivery across a variety of community and hospital settings.

Throughout the course of your education, the Alma Mater Europaea - ECM teaching staff will mentor you at every step and encourage you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Academic excellence. Innovative programs. Real-world connections. First-class educational experience. Impact your career. Study in the heart of Europe.



    Course ECTS
  Total per year 60
  Total per study program 180
  1 Nursing and research 33
  2 Nursing ethics and philosophy 3
  3 Health care education and promotion of health  methodology 3
  4 Nursing in elderly care with geriatrics 3
  5 Anatomy, physiology, pathology 3
  6 Microbiology with parasithology 3
  7 Diagnostically-therapeutic program 3
  8 Health care and nursing informatics 3
  9 Public health 3
  10 Elective course 3


  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
Total per study program 180
11 Child and adolescent nursing with pediatrics 9
12 Women's nursing with gynaecology and obstetrics 15
13 Internal patient nursing with internal medicine 18
14 Nursing organization and management 3
15 Health and disease sociology 3
16 Nursing and healthcare psychology 3
17 Elective course 3
18 Elective course 3
19 Elective course 3


  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
Total per study program 180
20 Surgical patient nursing with surgery 18
21 Nursing of mental health patients with psychiatry 9
22 Field nursing 9
24 Nursing supervision 3
24 Emergency service and special conditions health care 9
25 Health care and social legislation 3
26 Elective course 3
27 Elective course 3
28 Diploma thesis 6

Other courses

1 Selected sections from professional ethics 3
2 Communication and interpersonal relations in nursing and health care 3
3 Hospital infections control 3
4 Human resource management 3
5 Selected sections from supervision 3
6 Health care quality 3
7 Selected sections from elderly health care 3
8 Intensive unit health care 3




Undergraduate: Nursing


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Through the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, registered nurses develop critical, analytical, and reflective skills to deliver quality care that will improve patient outcomes. The Alma Mater Europaea undergraduate Nursing program provides a solid foundation in nursing care for individuals, families, communities, and people groups across the lifespan and in a wide variety of environments. You will be prepared to work with other healthcare professionals in various healthcare settings. In addition, the program is designed to provide a foundation for further study in Health sciences at the graduate level.

All Alma Mater Europaea - ECM lectures are filmed and e-learning supported. You can watch them in live stream and re-run them at home as many times as you like.

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Students with skill-focused training in nursing are prepared to work in various healthcare settings.

In the community:

  • Health clinics
  • Schools
  • Wellness programs in the workplace
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Home care
  • Family planning clinics
  • Prenatal and well-baby clinics
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Hospices

In hospitals:

  • Emergency
  • Intensive care
  • Operating room
  • Post-surgery
  • Maternity
  • Cardiovascular (heart)
  • Oncology (cancer)
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics (children)
  • Palliative (dying people)
  • Geriatrics (seniors)
  • DURATION: 6 semesters / 3 years
  • TITLE: Bachelor in Nursing
  • LOCATION: Slovenia
  • START DATES: October

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