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Proceedings on scholarly papers – HEALTH SCIENCE

Alma Mater Europaea has published a collection of peer-reviewed scientific papers - HEALTH SCIENCE, presented at the International Scientific Conference It's About People (2022-2023).

The scientific articles in the Proceedings book touch on the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of health activity, which encompasses the entire health system in a narrower and broader form. They intervene in prevention and curative treatment, which equally play a vital role in healthcare. 

The emphasis is on maintaining the health of the broader population, early detection of symptoms, and successful clinical treatment in case of disease. In their research, the authors intervene at a critical level of thinking and assessing the state of health, care for health, and the resulting presence of disease. Their articles present the results of the latest research and findings in a particular scientific field. They highlight various workplace situations that result from interpersonal relationships, stress, epidemics, lack of manpower, and appropriate knowledge. Quite a few articles deal with the COVID-19 epidemiological situation when faced with unpredictable situations. In all these situations, employees in the field of healthcare had to find their way around and organize the work in such a way that it was done in a high-quality and safe way for both the user and the contractor. 

What is particularly important is that theoretical starting points are constantly connected to practice through the articles, which means that every theory must be related to practice and real life. In the contributions, great emphasis is placed on health and nursing care education, which is the foundation of scientific progress.