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Small in Slovenia, Big in Europe

The traditional pre-summer meeting of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Digital Technologies at Alma Mater Europaea University was held this time with a focus on presenting the development strategy for artificial intelligence and digital technologies at Alma Mater.

Alma Mater Europaea University has introduced an ambitious strategy for developing educational and research activities in artificial intelligence and advanced digital technologies for 2024–2030. This strategy, which was developed during the 2023/2024 academic year through analysis and stakeholder consultations, was created through analysis and consultations.

The slogan of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Digital Technologies, "Small in Slovenia, Big in Europe," reflects the aim of strengthening the connectivity and competitiveness of education and research. "We focus on the users of knowledge and their needs, which is crucial for the sustainable and safe use of new technologies. We aim to become leaders in specialized areas of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, which will positively impact the broader region," Professor Dr. Matej Mertik, head of the web and information technology programs, said in his opening remarks.

The UIDT-AMEU 2030 strategy is based on five strategic pillars essential for achieving the set goals. The first pillar is technology research, which promotes and develops artificial intelligence and digital technologies, including interdisciplinary research. The second pillar is technology education, which focuses on educating future generations of engineers and experts by selecting interdisciplinary subjects and strengthening STEM curricula. The third pillar is innovation and integration into the economy, encouraging entrepreneurship, spin-off companies, open-source technologies, and collaboration with research and technology organizations. The fourth pillar is the development of humane and secure technologies, which enhances international cooperation in developing technologies that respect privacy, ensure security, and improve the quality of life. The fifth pillar is interdisciplinarity, supporting the development of new applied solutions and practices in all university educational and research areas with artificial intelligence and digital technologies.

Alma Mater Europaea University will closely collaborate with other European universities, industry, and public and cultural institutions in line with European digital policies.

"We strive to achieve recognition in research and education in Slovenia and Europe. With concrete measures, we will continue to promote the expansion of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced digital technologies and their integration with other study programs, thus significantly contributing to the sustainable, safe, and friendly development of new technologies that will benefit both the economic and non-economic sectors and the wider society," added Dr. Mertik.

Following the presentation, a pleasant gathering and conversation ensued.