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SummerSchool: Leveraging Neuroscientific Discoveries for Neurorehabilitation

You are invited to the summer school within the TbrainBoost project. The application deadline for Alma Mater Europaea University students has been extended to July 5th. Only 5 spots are available!

Where: ONSITE: Piran, Slovenia / ONLINE 
When: 16th -20th July 2024

Who? This event is tailored for students (Masters and PhD) and postdocs across various disciplines, including kinesiology, physiotherapy, psychology, cognitive (neuro)science, biomedical engineering, business, management, and more. We’ll foster a vibrant, multidisciplinary community dedicated to leveraging neuroscientific discoveries to develop cutting-edge neurorehabilitation products and services.

What? During the summer school, participants will participate in dynamic workshops, interactive sessions, and collaborative projects to explore innovative neurorehabilitation approaches (not limited to this topic!). Whether you are a budding researcher or a business-minded innovator, this is your chance to contribute to ground-breaking advances in the field. We will encourage you to present your idea on the first day, assign you a mentor who will work on it for 4 days, and ask you to present it again on the last day.

Pre-requirements? Registration (find it at the bottom of the page), motivation letter with short project idea description for on-site students (limited up to 20). Rest assured, your idea doesn’t have to be fully formed or crystal clear to participate in the Summer School. We welcome participants at all stages of ideation, from fledgling concepts to more developed proposals. Whether your idea is just taking shape or a little foggy, this is the perfect environment to refine and expand it.


Module 1: Student project presentations and keynote lectures offering a clinical perspective on neurorehabilitation advancements. 

Module 2: Lectures on combating physical and mental fatigue using technology. Practical sessions include EEG applications and hands-on training with the BDI Index for dementia testing. 

Module 3: Exploration of innovations in robotics technology and motor-cognitive testing across various age groups. Workshops focus on integrating research insights into practical applications. 

Module 4: Practical applications of neurorehabilitation theories, focusing on bridging theory with practice in physiotherapy for Parkinson’s disease patients. Interactive workshops cover design thinking and innovation. 

Module 5: Sessions on detecting muscle mass and strength loss in older adults. The day culminates in the final presentations of student projects.  

- The application requires a motivation letter (max. 500 words) that includes: 

- An explanation of your interest in the summer school

- What you expect to learn from it

- A list of references (if any)

This year, we seek innovative project ideas inspired by your studies or interests. Whether you have a fully formed concept or just an initial thought, you’ll have the chance to develop it further with peers and mentors at summer school. Our main goal is to enhance your potential, encourage critical thinking, and design future products or services rooted in your field of study or research. Please send your motivation letter to