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Sustainable Development

The Alma Mater Europaea - ECM Environmental Studies master’s program is a modern graduate study program for environmental protection, including cases of good practice and cross-border cooperation.

The MA in Sustainable Development is the first program of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It encourages you to pursue your interests as you explore the sustainability of human societies, the economy, and the natural environment.

At Alma Mater you will work with scholars, leading academics, and practitioners as you contemplate the complex challenges of sustainable development. Your education and research will contribute directly to understanding social responsibility, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

As a dedicated sustainability studies student, you can pursue interdisciplinary inquiry and solve problems through coursework, research, and experiential learning. With the support of leading academics and practitioners, your research will contribute directly to existing scholarship and professional practice related to social responsibility, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable development (SD) is based on three pillars: social, economic, and environmental. These pillars form the basis of the SD program at Alma Mater. Its objective is to find the perfect intersection of all three, where we attain social inclusion, economic prosperity for all, and a better understanding of our natural environment, such that we enjoy a better life while not adversely affecting the generations to follow.



  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
Total per study program 120
1 Technology and Ecosystems 10
2 Introduction to Sustainable Development 10
3 Sustainable Development & Earth, Water Ecosystems 10
Total 30
4 Environmental Law 10
5 Economics of Sustainable Transformation 10
6 Research Methodology 5
7 Elective Course I 5
Total 30


  Course ECTS
Total per year 60
Total per study program 120
8 Ethics in Sustainable Development 10
9 Sustainable Development in Cities & Rural Areas 10
10 Sustainable Development in Slovenia and Globally 10
Total 30
11 Elective Course II 5
12 Elective Course III 5
13 Master Thesis 20
Total 30


  Course ECTS
1 ERM for Protected Area 5
2 ERM for Degraded Lands 5
3 Climate Change and Sustainability 5
4 Marketing for Sustainable Development & Rethinking Consumption 5
5 Solid & Waste Management 5
6 Social & Corporate Systems for Sustainable Development 5
7 Cultural Heritage in the Light of Sustainable Development and Climate Change 5
8 Economic Growth & Sustainable Development 5




Graduate: Sustainable Development


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Dr. John Maclachlan received his PhD, MA, and Hons. B.Sc. from McMaster University in the fields of Environmental Science, Geography and Health and Geology respectively. McMaster University is in Canada and ranked in the top 100 in the world. Dr. Maclachlan has held various university administrative jobs all related to integrating various academic disciplines and thus is an ideal professor for sustainable development as it seeks to combine the social, economic, and environmental aspects of humanity. Professor Maclachlan has taught course at the introductory, intermediate, and senior levels at McMaster University, University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University and Brock University. He belongs to six international professional associations and has won four teaching awards in his academic career. Dr. Maclachlan is a sought-after reviewer for international academic journals and has himself had over forty journal articles published, given over 60 presentations, and received over $4.3 million in research funding. Further, he is an excellent communicator with an innovative mind in academia.


Our MA in Sustainable Development is tailored to the student's needs. A carefully selected team of mentors deliver the courses. Both academic and administrative staff provide engaged support on every step of the flexible studying process.

By involving yourself with the program, you gain access to brilliant people. A rigorous selection process ensures that everyone you meet is impressive in their own way, from professors to students. Such an environment fosters the exchange of ideas, plurality of opinions and growth of all involved individuals.

Alma Mater is a boutique higher-education institution. It operates under the auspices of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, which connects more than 2000 senior scholars, including 34 Nobel laureates. This ensures Alma Mater education has a high degree of credibility and renown.

You will get the hands-on skills employers want through practically oriented yet theoretically rigorous learning. Our professors connect what you learn with real-life situations and examples. We craft our courses carefully, ensuring you graduate with the skills employers seek.

Grants & Partnerships


Job prospects are numerous. They include careers in government, business, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions. During your studies, you will connect with

organizations striving to minimize environmental harm while contributing to the economic and social advancement of the communities in which they operate. You will also be preparing yourself for a career at the frontiers of the green economy and social enterprise.

Alma Mater Europaea graduates have the highest employment rate. It offers graduates a rich and diverse academic environment, and provides opportunities for intellectual development and the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills. Most importantly, it can lead to employment at home or abroad.

A degree from Alma Mater Europaea is acknowledged and valid in all EU member states and other countries, including Russia. If you want the recognition of your degree officially confirmed by your country’s authorities, Alma Mater Europaea can assist you in getting such authorization through its partnerships in various countries.

  • DURATION: 4 semesters / 2 years
  • TITLE: Master of Sustainable Development
  • LOCATION: Hybrid: Online, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia
  • START DATES: October

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