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The role of artificial intelligence in employment procedures

Janja Bedič Ferenčak has completed the study of Business Management at Alma Mater. She analyzed ten applications (apps) using artificial intelligence for employment procedures in companies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly gaining importance in human resources management, especially in recruitment processes, as it enables companies to automatize and optimize recruitment processes with the support of apps that analyze CVs, conduct interviews, and predict the effectiveness of candidates. “AI apps for recruitment can reduce bias and ensure a more objective selection of candidates. AI in employment procedures certainly brings many advantages; however, it is necessary to consider potential weaknesses and moral dilemmas to ensure a fair and ethical recruitment process," explains the graduate.

AI applications are used in various stages of recruitment, such as writing job advertisements, reviewing candidate resumes, and analyzing video interviews using facial recognition software. New AI technologies significantly impact people's lives and careers but often raise ethical concerns, so it is mandatory to understand the comprehensive operation and ethics of AI applications.

“In the final part of the thesis, my research is based on the analysis of ten web AI applications according to seven criteria, which revealed several key findings. Surprisingly, most of the analyzed apps do not offer free trials, even though this could be an effective marketing strategy pointing out financial and security challenges faced by startups and young companies. While AI-led video interviews are not as widespread as expected, security is a top concern, as all analyzed apps provide at least basic information about security standards. When evaluating candidates, the possibility of analyzing behavioral and cognitive characteristics is still rare and tied to video job interviews. Aspects such as neuroscience games are included in some applications, but chatbots and integration with the candidate tracking system are more widespread," summarizes Janja.