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Undergraduate: Dance, Coreography


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Tina Jeromen is a graduated psychologist. She is a former swimmer and after her competing career she remained in sports as a swimming coach. Since her interest lied in the human mind and psychology as a student she concentrated on sport psychology. Along the practical part with sportsmen she graduated with a research theses that analysed approaches and managerial features of Slovenian coaches. She acquired practical experience in the field of social prevention by working as a psychologist in schools and as an educator at the Youth Home. Today she runs her company called Psiholab and as a member of the professional committee is an active participant of the section for sport. She is a behavioural cognitive therapist (3rd degree) and is trained for a hypnotherapist. She works with sportsmen, coaches, and parents in various sport disciplines: swimming, basketball, skiing, tennis, athletics, dance, football … She gives workshops for coaches, parents and sportsmen in various sport clubs. She is a co-author of the manual with a CD for sport psychology titled Šport z bistro glavo