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Tomislav Nemec, MA, is an Engineer of Geodesy and received a BA in Economics. He completed his Master’s degree from the Management of Quality Services. For several years, he was employed as the Head of the Administrative Unit of Ljutomer. Under his leadership, the Administrative Unit of Ljutomer was the first Slovenian Administrative Unit which established a certified quality management system. In his career, he has worked as a Chairman of the Board at Dars d.d and as a Director of ZD Ljutomer, and is currently employed as a Director of DSO Ljutomer. In his work, he is trying to connect the challenges of leading companies and organizations from the public sector with the latest practices in management. He encourages the usage of modern tools of quality, development performance management, and establishing the principles of so called “New Public Management”.

He has collaborated in many interdepartmental working groups for introducing quality into the public sector, as well as within other organizations. He was a member of an Official Council, member of a Strategic Group for the Preparation of Strategies for the Development of Public Administration (2014-2020), member of the Board for the Quality at the Association of Health Institutions, VP of the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence (SZKO), Project Manager for the SQ sign at SZKO, and is currently Deputy President of the Management Board of Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia. To contribute in the field of management and control of quality, he collaborates at professional events and also leads seminars and workshops. For many years, he was a lecturer of the program, “Leadership and Management”, at the Administrative Academy of the Ministry for Public Administration. He is an author of many professional articles in the area of management, as well as the external Lead Auditor for Management Systems for the standard ISO 9001.