World champion in the Alma Mater team

Iza Gobar, a 29-year-old physiotherapist who completed her studies at Alma Mater, recently became a world champion in freestyle massage technique. The World Championships, which took place in Denmark, brought her new experiences and additional motivation to continue her career as an independent physiotherapist.

The competition was fierce. I am glad that I succeeded”, explained Iza Gobar at the reception for the world champion in the premises of Alma Mater. The best masseurs from all over the world gathered at the World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. Iza, who graduated from Alma Mater in 2015, competed for the victory among 100 entrants. “I was educated in various techniques even during my studies. My winning massage is a mixture of different techniques, especially deep tissue massages and classic Swedish massage. I diligently acquired this knowledge during our studies and after postgraduate courses”, Gobar concluded.

The world champion was received at Alma Mater by prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, president of Alma Mater, doc. dr. Barbara Toplak Perovič, Secretary at General Alma Mater, mag. Mladen Herc, head of the Physiotherapy program, and doc. dr. Tine Kovačič, head of the doctoral program Physiotherapy and president of the Slovenian Physiotherapy Association. They agreed to invite the world champion to participate in the education process, during which she will be able to share her knowledge with physiotherapy students at Alma Mater in the next academic year. In the coming months, it will also be possible to arrange an exclusive massage in Maribor at the Institute of Therapy in Maribor at the hands of world champion Iza Gobar.

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