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E-sarc. - Development of a tailormade comprehensive training concept on sarcopenia for health care workers

Trajanje projekta: 1. 02. 2022 – 30. 01. 2025

Vodja projekta: dr. Uroš Marušič

Financer: Erasmus+, KA2 Strateška partnerstva

Kratka vsebina projekta:

Sarcopenia, an age-related loss of muscle mass and power, was recently recognized by the WHO as a disease. The most widely cited operational definition nowadays is proposed by the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People (EWGSOP) has been updated in January 2019 which makes sarcopenia as a rather new disease. On one hand there is the fact that the worlds’ population is ageing (United Nations,2019). On the other hand, there is the world facing major health issues such as cancer and more recently COVID-19 pandemic which makes sarcopenia as a disease high relevant.

European consensus on sarcopenia is very recent. Currently no courses for general practitioners or health care workers exist across European boarders. There is a high need for knowledge and new skills among different target groups in order to deal with sarcopenia in a similar way. The EU would benefit from comparable courses in line with EQF/ECVET. European harmonizing trainings according to EQF does not even take place on national levels to a satisfying extent. There is a great need to create comprehensive teaching units within valid EU-systems.

Many stakeholders are dealing with sarcopenia (in research, in the working field, …) however often only one single topic has been focused on, while sarcopenia asks for a multi-factorial approach. Furthermore, no translation of research findings or practical experiences from the working field has been brought together and translated into good training concepts and education. Last year new training concepts were developed due to the COVID pandemic. There has been more attention for online learning or a combination of both traditional education and online training.

This project will cover following needs:

  1. bring knowledge and skills among health care workers on the new but very relevant topic of sarcopenia

  2. develop new training concepts in line with the most recent standards of online learning

  3. bring together different fields of expertise

  4. disseminate the obtained results to a diverse group of health care workers (GPs, nurses and physiotherapists)

  5. building a sustainable partnership all over Europe

Contact: Projekta pisarna AMEU: tel. št.: 059 333 075 or email: ali