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RENE - Renewing Ergonomic Education for Health Care Students in European HEIs

3-year program (2019 – 2022)

RENE - project is set to improve and unify the patient handling education in health care sector.

Project aims are to develop and standardize an international course on patient handling and promotes internationalization of health care students.

One of the aims is also to raise awareness of patient handling in safe and rehabilitating way in field of health care.

Intelectual Outputs

IO 1: “Analysing the conditions”

  • Review study of legislations regarding workplace safety
  • Undergraduate curricula (ECTs of ergonomic and patient handling)
  • Knowledge and skills of HEI staff in health care sector

IO 2: “Developing the SAPHA-course" (SAPHA-Patient handling in safe and rehabilitating way)

IO3: “Handbook” to support the practical implementation of the developed course and is directed to teachers.

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