Extending student status

Due to the following reasons, student status can be extended for a maximum of one year. A year-long extention of study can be granted if:

  • A student doesn't graduate in a study program of the first or second Bologna cycle within 12 months after the conclusion of the final semester, if they did not previously repeat a year or change the study program or path during their study;
  • A student doesn't graduate in a study program of the first or second Bologna cycle at the end of the final semester, if the student repeated a year or changed their program or path during their study;
  • A student does not enrol into the next year or semester during their studies;
  • A student does not complete a post-graduate education of the second Bologna degree after an uninterrupted master study program, within 12 months after the final semester.

Student mothers who give birth during the time of studies have the right to an extention of the student status for one year per child.

Reasons for not completing study obligations:

  • Motherhood in the time of study – proof: extract from the birth registry;
  • Prolongued illness: evident from a medical certificate;
  • Extraneous familial and social circumstances;
  • Recognized status of a person with special needs;
  • Active participation in top-level professional, cultural or sport events;
  • Active participation within the institution;
  • Other: ……………………………………………………………..

Students must attach proof of circumstances in question.

Students who have grounded reasons for not completing their study obligations, must submit a request for extention of student status to the Commission for Student Affairs. The request for extention can be submitted through VIS, by selecting 'Requests' in the left-hand-side menu, then filling out the Request for Enrolment – Extention of Student Status form.

A completed request should be printed, signed and forwarded to Alma Mater, Slovenska ulica 17, 2000 Maribor. It can also be submitted in person to the Student Office during office hours. A completed VIS request can be edited until it is received by the Student Office.

Students wh receive approval for extention of student status from the Commission must consider the following: After the decision is announced, we will prepare an enrolment sheet that can be filled out through VIS, thereby completing enrolment. VIS can be accessed online by using a personal password: https://vis.esmb.si/english/prijava.htm

Costs of extending student status

During enrolment, every studnet pays an enrolment fee according to the ALMA MATER price list (50,00 EUR). While filling out a UPN payment order, students insert the reference »SI00« followed by the enrolment number, state their full name, then 'REQUEST FOR CONDITIONAL ENROLMENT'. The number of the transaction account is: 03121-1000565129, open with SKB d.d.).