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Repeating a year

Students may repeat a year in case they had not previously changed their study program and did not use the opportunity to repeat a year or change the direction of their study in Slovenia. There are no other conditions for repeating the year.

Students who wish to re-enrol (repeat a year) must submit an electronic request to the Student Office at Alma Mater. The request is submitted through VIS – the Request tab can be found in the left-hand-side menu and select the Application for Enrolment – Repeating a Year. By submitting the request, the student guarantees that he has not yet repeated year or changed study program at any higher education institution in the Republic of Slovenia.

By submitting the requested statement, the student assumes criminal and material responsibility and allows Alma Mater to verify the accuracy of the data ex officio and, where necessary, also obtain data from official records.

Within two working days after the application has been submitted in the VIS, the Student Affairs office will check the adequacy of the submitted application and within five working days, it will prepare the appropriate enrolment form, which the student must fill out via VIS and finish their enrolment. VIS can be accessed through a website ( ) with a username and password.

Costs of repeating a year

The tuition for repeating a study year surmounts to 1/3 of annual tuition fee and 100,00 EUR enrolment fee. The first instalment of the tuition fee and the enrolment fee must be paid by the time of enrolment. The confirmation

We kindly ask you to check whether you have settled all your financial obligations from the previous years of study, as it is one of the conditions for enrolment. All assigned surveys must also be completed.

A student retains student status while repeating a year of study.

Important warning: Students cannot repeat the 3rd year (or 2nd year on master’s level) in case of uncompleted study obligations, the student can submit a request for enrolment to the extended year (absolvent).