Courses in English

Course title ECTS

Clinical medicine I: surgery / ortopedics / traumathology


Clinical medicine II: cardiology and pulmology / pediatrics / gynecology and obstetrics



Clinical medicine III: neurology / neurosurgery



Physical therapy I 6
Physical therapy II 5
Physical therapy skills I 6
Physical therapy skills II 5
Sport activities for disabled people 5
Special topics in physical therapy I 5
Research methods in physiotherapy 5
Physical therapy clinical practice (only in winter semester) 7
Education for heatlhy lifestyle 5
Psychology 5
Anthropology of family life 3
English 5
Organizational behaviour and HRM 9
Management 8
Business communication 6
Essentials of organizational communication 6
Modern leadership 6
Corporate social responsibility 6
Communication management 8

Courses in Italian language:

Physiotherapy for Italian Erasmus+ students in Koper (Capodistria)

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