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Prof. dr. Jurij Toplak at Columbia University on the symbols of Ustashe movement and the freedom of speech

08.05. 2018.

Prof. dr. Jurij Toplak from Alma Mater and prof. dr. Djordje Gardašević from the University of Zagreb successfully presented their research on usage of political and historic symbols within the frame of liberty of speech.

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Alma Mater at the 4th summer school on archival studies in Oman

07.05. 2018.

On May 6, the 4th summer school on Archival studies began in Oman (it will last until May 12), prepared and carried out by professors of Archival studies from Alma Mater Europaea ECM, lead by the study dean, assist. prof. dr. Peter Pavel Klasinc. Faculty included assist. prof. dr. Miroslav Novak, assist. prof. dr. Zdenka Semlič Rajh, assist. prof. dr. Tatjana Hajtnik and senior lecturer mag. Aida Škoro Babič.

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24.04. 2018.

The Dance Academy is proud to present the guest professor who will come to Slovenia to teach within the subject Choreography (Study programme Ballet, professor of which is dr. Mateja Bučar). Milko Šparemblek, who is considered one of the most important choreographers in Europe.

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Prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak Recipient of the Gold Certificate

23.04. 2018.

resident of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak has received the Gold certificate, awarded to individuals for their work in intercultural activities.

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»BUILDING BRIDGES« - Hosting lectures on AMEU in years 2016-2018

23.04. 2018.

AMEU-ECM has hosted dr. Helena Malmivirta from April 14 2018 till April 21 2018, within the operation »Building Bridges« - short and long visits of foreign experts and higher education teachers to AMEU in years 2016 – 2018. Dr. Helena Malmivirta gave lectures on study programmes Social gerontology and Physiotherapy.

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Audition for the Dance Academy for the academic year 2018/19

20.04. 2018.

Alma Mater Europaea – Dance Academy invites future students for audition for the next academic year.

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Joint meeting of AMEU – ISH and the Slovene Association for Public Relations Lecture of dr. Damjana Pondelek on facing crisis situations

18.04. 2018.

On the first Thursday in April, AMEU ISH (Postgraduate school of Humanities) together with the Slovene Association of Public Relations (PRSS) - area 01, organised a meeting in Ljubljana with dr. Damjana Pondelek on the topic of facing crisis situations, affairs and other difficult stories.

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Third web revolution also as a study programme

29.03. 2018.

"Just as the web has changed the image of the society and the world economy, it is now changing the technology of data blocks that enables trust-worthy transactions between users without the intervention of a third party” says assoc. prof. dr. Matej Mertik from Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, who is in charge of preparing a new study programme of Web and Information Technology.

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Available Alpbach scholarships

26.03. 2018.

Alma Mater students have the opportunity to apply for Alpbach scholarship, enabling younger generations to participate and constructively communicate on the future of Europe. Application deadline is 30. 3. 2018.

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Dr. Damjan Prelovšek: Gaberi is one of the most important sculpturors

15.03. 2018.

At the Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, a permanent exhibition under the title European University Bridges (by the renowned sculptor and artist Andrej Gabrovec – Gaberi) was opened on the sidelines of the 6th Scientific Conference with the international participation "All About People".

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