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Physiotherapy in pregnancy

02.02. 2023.

Physiotherapy treatment and regular physical activity effectively reduce pain in the pelvic girdle in pregnant women. This was confirmed by Barbara Golob, a graduate of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, with her thesis.

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With physiotherapy effectively over dementia

01.02. 2023.

As the world's population ages, the number of people with dementia, which affects memory, thinking, speech, and other features, are also increasing. This, in turn, gradually reduces the ability of people to live independently and perform everyday activities. Physiotherapy treatment of these patients is becoming more frequent and more effective.

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The most influential global leader in sustainable development is coming to Alma Mater

30.01. 2023.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, a world-renowned professor of economics, is an innovative educator and global leader in the field of sustainable development who has developed effective strategies for solving complex challenges, including the escape from extreme poverty, the global fight against human-caused climate change, international debt and financial crisis, national economic reforms, and the control of pandemic and epidemic diseases.

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Alma Mater continues its successful cooperation in Austria

27.01. 2023.

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM and the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg spa have cooperated successfully for many years. Physiotherapy students practice there, and many also decide to do an internship. Cooperation was renewed with the management meeting of both institutions and the local mayor.

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Alma Mater for healthy and active aging

26.01. 2023.

Professor David Bogataj attended the General Assembly of the Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN) on behalf of Alma Mater Europaea - ECM.

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Holistic approach: To develop and educate the child's whole personality

24.01. 2023.

The comprehensive renovation of the educational system in Slovenia must consider and apply a holistic approach, highlighted in the special appendix of the publication: Proposal of a strategic plan for the renovation of the educational system in the Republic of Slovenia. It includes the much-needed modern vision, plan, and content of the comprehensive renovation of the educational system, which in this way avoids the dangerous traps of reductionism, determinism, and partial solutions.

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Correct positions of patients after a stroke

24.01. 2023.

Ajda Rak, a graduate of physiotherapy at Alma Mater, drew attention to the importance of positioning patients after a stroke in the correct positions with an excellent final assignment, as this affects their health and well-being.

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Social gerontologists are vital in overcoming the loneliness of the elderly

23.01. 2023.

Alma Mater student Urška Kunčič works at the Retirement home Ljutomer. She says that the work of a social gerontologist was significant during the coronavirus. She demonstrated this in her final assignment, where she focused on the problems of the elderly in nursing homes during the coronavirus epidemic.

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The impact of artificial intelligence on humanity

20.01. 2023.

At today's introductory lecture on the new doctoral study program Applied Artificial Intelligence in cooperation with the Institute for Philosophical and Religious Studies ZRS Koper, we hosted scientist Professor Dr Noreen Herzfeld, a distinguished professor of computer science and theology at Saint John's University in Minnesota, USA. She is engaged in research on artificial intelligence and ethics.

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Perpetual Peace in Europe: Back to the Future?

19.01. 2023.

Alma Mater Europaea – Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis will hold a round table Perpetual Peace in Europe: Back to the Future? at the 11th Annual Conference of Europe's Sciences and Arts Leaders and Scholars, It's About People 2023, in cooperation with the Science and Research Centre Koper.

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