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What affects the quality of life of the elderly?

29.12. 2022.

Social, economic, and cultural factors influence the position of the elderly in society. The purpose of the research of Damir Poljak's doctoral thesis was to find out the socio-cultural components of the life of the elderly and how they affect the quality of life of the elderly.

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December dance spectacle of the Alma Mater of the Dance Academy

28.12. 2022.

The AMEU - Academy of Dance students prepared a natural dance spectacle last weekend. The December Showcase in the Theater Hall of the Secondary Education School, Gymnasium, and Art Gymnasium Ljubljana offered an insight into the work and creativity of students and their mentors.

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Transfer of values through intergenerational tourism

27.12. 2022.

Mihaela Kežman is a doctor of social gerontology at Alma Mater. She studied intergenerational tourism's role in transmitting values between generations in Slovenian society. The study of the intergenerational involvement of grandparents and their grandchildren represents a relatively new, but at the same time poorly researched, a phenomenon of the transmission of values.

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From now on, the Alma Mater also offers doctoral studies in artificial intelligence

22.12. 2022.

Alma Mater Europea – ECM is richer for the accreditation of the third-level study program – Applied Artificial Intelligence. On this important acquisition, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts president also expressed its congratulations. Klaus Mainzer is convinced that research into artificial intelligence is connected with grand visions of the future of humanity.

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Professor Škof receives the Zois Award for outstanding achievements

20.12. 2022.

Dean of Alma Mater Europaea ISH – Institusom Studiorum Humanitatis Professor Lenart Škof received the Zois Award for outstanding scientific monographs in modern philosophy and ethics at last night's ceremony in Cankarjev dom Ljubljana.

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Collaboration between Alma Mater Europaea and the University of British Columbia

15.12. 2022.

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM is highly successful in international integration with educational and research institutions. In the past few days, she started collaborating with the University of British Columbia on the interdisciplinary project Inter PARES Trust Al, whose purpose is to design, develop and use artificial intelligence to support the constant availability and accessibility of trusted public records.

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New in the MEORL monograph series

14.12. 2022.

GEO - Gerontological Observatory is a new sub-series of the MEORL monograph series, which deal with geographic-gerontological problems and challenges of the modern world.

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What do nursing studies and volunteer firefighting have in common?

12.12. 2022.

In the final part, the graduate of the Nursing study program at Alma Mater researched the knowledge of first aid among the volunteer firefighters of the Lenart Fire Association. He emphasizes that the tasks of volunteer firefighters have changed a lot in recent years.

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Taught young people first aid

08.12. 2022.

Alma Mater students visited Murska Sobota II Primary School, pupils. By demonstrating the most necessary measures for providing first aid, they showed young people how to act in the event of an accident.

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Successful student, professional firefighter, and mayor

07.12. 2022.

Andraž Pogorevc is a professional firefighter who completed his master's degree in Management with a comparison of firefighters and civil protection units in the protection and rescue system and their roles. At the same time, he also recently successfully performed the new function of the mayor of the municipality of Vitanje.

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