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Conditional enrolment

Students may conditionally progress to the next year of study even if they do not meet all criteria in case of justified reasons as listed below.

Justified reasons and required proofs:

  • Maternity in time of study – proof: extract from the birth registry.

  • High-risk pregnancy irrespective of the outcome – proof: confirmation from a gynaecology specialist.

  • Fatherhood in the first year after birth, if the father resides in common household with the child – extract from the birth registry, confirmation of common household, confirmation of using childcare leave.

  • Illness lasting at least three months during the time of classes – numbered medical confirmation, issued by a personal doctor with the length of treatment, The medical note must include the period of absence. In the period of absence, the student cannot take exams or complete any other obligations, as displayed in VIS.

  • Death of student's family members (mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, child) – proof: extract from the book of the deceased, the birth register, from which the relationship can be derived, in the case of members of the common household, a certificate of a common household.

  • Hardship in the student's family evidenced from the Center for Social Work, which hindered the student's academic engagement during exam time or the school year – proof: confirmation from the Center for Social Work, which shows the development of the situation for at least a month prior to the examination period.

  • Education in two or more study programs ­– proof: confirmation of enrolment.

  • Minimum three months of education abroad – proof: confirmation of education abroad.

  • Active involvement and participation in the institution’s bodies – proof: confirmation of active participation at the meetings of the body signed by the competent authority.

  • Outstanding activity in the artistic, cultural, humanitarian, sports and research fields during the examination periods - proof: a certificate of exceptional activity issued by an appropriate organization such as:

    • a certificate from the Olympic Committee of Slovenia on status of categorized athlete,

    • a certificate of sports gymnasium on sports status, or

    • a certificate from the highest authority for non-Olympic sports;

    • a certificate of success in a national knowledge competition or meeting; of young researchers;

    • a certificate of participation in the Knowledge Olympiad.

The student must provide official proof of the valid reasons he asserts.The Committee for Student Affairs is hold responsible for interpretation and criteria of the reasons listed above.

Students wishing to conditionally enrol to the next year, must submit a request to the Committee for Student Affairs. A request for conditional progression to the next year is submitted by students electronically through VIS, by clicking on the 'Request' tab in the left-hand-side menu, then select Request for enrolment – conditional enrolment and fill the form.

Student must add scanned documents (up to five attachments) to the completed request. When the application is complete and successfully submitted via VIS, the Student affair office will include it in the last meeting of the Commission for Study Affairs (KŠZ) in the current academic year and issue the student with an invoice for processing the request in accordance with the Alma Mater price list. Student will receive the invoice to his email address, which he must settle within seven days.

Student who receives the Committee’s approval for conditional enrolment to the next year, must consider the following: Within five workdays after the decision of the Committee for Student Affairs, we will prepare an enrolment sheet, which should be filled electronically in VIS, and therefore complete enrolment to the higher year. VIS can be accessed through the Alma Mater website - with a personal password. As long as the student is still waiting for the exam results, his application for conditional enrollment will be considered at the KŠZ at a later date (even after the deadline for submitting the application to the KŠZ). If the student fulfills the conditions for enrollment in the senior year, he must delete the application from the VIS to avoid unnecessary additional costs.

We kindly ask you to confirm that you have settled all your financial obligations for the previous year before the enrolment and completed all assigned surveys.