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Enrolment into an upper year

Progression to the next year of study is available to those, who meet the criteria for enrolment to the next year in accordance with the accredited, publicly recognized study program. The criteria are listed on our website, under respective programs. Those who meet the criteria, the enrolment sheet will be made available in the second half of August. Enrolment sheets will be available until the 30th of September for those who meet the criteria. After this date, enrolment will no longer be possible. Before enrolment, please make sure that you have settled all outstanding financial obligations for the previous years of study, as this is one of the conditions for enrolment into an upper year of study. 

Method of enrolment into an upper year of study

A student who meets the criteria for enrolment into an upper year of study fills out the enrolment sheet on VIS, found in the left-hand-side menu, under the tab 'Enrolment sheet'. VIS can be accessed with a username and password through the Alma Mater website: The enrolment form can be filled and signed in VIS. The contract and the enrolment form are both signed electronically and do not have to be sent via registered post. The confirmation of payment of enrolment and tuition fee (or the first instalment), along with any other relevant documents (e.g. payer’s statement, application for recognition, etc.) should be sent to the following email: . Once all documents are submitted, the Student office will (successfully) conclude the enrolment. The student will receive the notice about successful enrolment to the personal email address. At the same time, fully signed study contract will be displayed, and the Enrolment Certificate will be available for print directly from VIS.