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Persons, who have not yet had a student status at Alma Mater, can perform individual study obligations through the “citizen” status. In this case, just a temporary enrolment is needed which does not give the student a student status, but it gives him/her access to the student environment and IT support (e-learning, Moodle).

Such a temporary enrolment is done by completing the form Prijava za opravljanje študijskih obveznosti brez vpisa na Alma Mater (Registration for carrying out study commitments without official enrolment at Alma Mater).

The filled-in form is submitted personally or sent to the Student office by registered mail. The documents must include confirmation of payment.
Study obligations with subsequent exam are calculated in the way that the overall tuition fee is divided by 60 ECTS points, multiplied by the number of ECTS points of the subject. The payment includes participation at and completion of exercises, clinical exercises and two exam dates, mid-term or partial exam, including access to the study materials. In case of the third (or further) participation of the same exam, the students will be asked for additional payment according to the valid price list of Alma Mater.


People who no longer have a student status and have not fulfilled all required study obligations in the academic year, receive a gap year status. In case they wish to continue with their study obligations, the candidates are required to fill-in the form Prijavnica za opravljanje študijskih obveznosti za kandidate brez statusa (Registration for carrying out study commitments for candidates without status) and submit the latter to the Student office at Alma Mater. This form must include a confirmation of payment in accordance with the price-list of Alma Mater. For each exam, mid-term or partial exam they wish to take, the candidates must fill-in a separate form.

Gap-year students do not have access to Moodle. Moodle access will be given only to those subjects they have applied for and paid for in accordance with the valid price list of Alma Mater. In this case access to the course materials for the current academic year will be granted (materials from previous years are exempt from this access rights).

Access to the VIS system will be blocked if the student has a gap-year student status for more than 2 years. Should the student wish to re-activate his/her access to the VIS system, please contact the Student office. Registration for and withdrawal from exams must be done through the Student office.