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The following is an assembly of detailed instructions for various possibilities of enrolment into an upper year of study.

Important note: In Slovene higher education, students are required to enrol into each study year. »Progression to the next year of study« implies both new enrolments into a university, as well as continuing studies, or advancing into the next year of study. 

Enrolment into upper years will take place from 12. 8. until 30. 9. 2024 at latest. Enrolment into upper year is done via electronic mail 'VIS' ( with your personal  username and password and will take place completely online.  The enrolment form and the study contract are signed directly in VIS with computer mouse or by touch screen. The confirmation of tuition fee (or first instalment) and enrolment fee payment should be sent to the following email: .

Once the study contract and the enrolment form are signed and the confirmation of tuition and enrolment fee payment uploaded in VIS, your enrolment will be completed. In case you do not forward us the payment confirmation, we will not be able to complete your enrolment. Should you wish to submit any other documents, relevant for enrolment, please save them in appropriate form on the computer (jpg/jpeg or pdf)

Enrolment documentation includes:

  • Electronically signed enrolment form in VIS,

  • Electronically signed study contract in VIS,

  • A confirmation of tuition fee payment (the first instalment) and confirmation of enrolment fee payment uploaded to VIS,

  • Any other relevant documents (e.g. payer’s statement, application for recognition, etc.) uploaded to VIS.

Once the enrolment is concluded, you will receive the notice to your email address and you will be able to print the Enrolment confirmation and (signed) Study contract directly from VIS.

The condition for enrolment to the next year are settled financial obligations from the previous years and completed all assigned surveys.

Enrolment forms for progression to the next year will be available on VIS portal in the second half of August. When your registration form is ready, you will be notified by e-mail.  Considering that the exam deadlines are still in August and September, we will check the conditions for enrolment on a weekly basis and make the enrolment forms on VIS available for those, who have yet to complete them by end of September. Enrolment conditions for progression to the next year of studies of all programs at Alma Mater can be found on Alma Mater webpage under each study program.

Should you fail to meet the criteria for enrolment into an upper year of study, you can submit a request for repetition of the year or conditional enrolment (in case you have a valid reason to support your case).

After completion of the last study year, you can submit an electronic request to extend your student status to “absolvent” (»Extended year«) via VIS but only in case you have not repeated a year or changed the study program during your studies.

Should you provide adequate proof of inability to complete your study obligations, you can submit a request for an extension of student status.

Requests for conditional enrolment, as well as requests for extension of student status are handled by an authorized Committee for Student Affairs or Senate. Only requests that are fully completed and submitted on time will be considered. Requests for conditional enrollment will be considered at the last meeting of the Commission for Academic Affairs in the current academic year (when the exam deadlines are also closed). Other requests will be considered in the terms specified in the schedule of Commission meetings for the academic year 2024/25.

No. of session Date of session Deadline for submission of requests to be considered in the session
Committee for health programs
150. 31. 8. 2024 21. 8. 2024
151. 28. 9. 2024 18. 9. 2024
Committee for social gerontology
56. 22. 8. 2024 11. 8. 2024
57. 26. 9. 2024 15. 9. 2024
Committee for business programs
51. 25. 8. 2024 9. 8. 2024
52. 22. 9. 2024 12. 9. 2024
Senate ISH
255. 25. 8. 2024 8 days before the session
256. 22. 9. 2024 8 days before the session
Committee for Dance Academy
26. 25. 8. 2024 16. 8. 2024
27. 22. 9. 2024 19. 9. 2024

Submitters of requests will receive decisions of the Committee or the Senate by mail within five (5) business days after the assembly of the Committee or the Senate. The final/official decision is completed once the student accepts the formal decision notification of the pending application to his email address.

Enrollment requests

Enrollment requestsare available in VIS under the rubric Requests. The form/request must be electronically completed, attach relevant documents, and submit it electronically. Only timely and complete applications will be considered by the committee. The exception is only requests for conditional enrollment in the upper year and requests for extending student status, which can be submitted until the last results of the exam deadlines and will be considered subsequently.

Applications for conditional enrolment and renewal of student status are paid according to the Alma Mater price list:

Remittance for ECM

Name: University Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor
Address: Slovenska ulica 17
City and Postcode: Maribor 2000
Country: Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 03121-1000565129 (SKB d.d.) 
Reference: SI00+  (account number)

Remittance for ISH

Name: University Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor
Address: Slovenska ulica 17
City and Postcode: Maribor 2000
Country: Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 03121-1000565129 (SKB d.d.) 
Reference: SI00+  (account number)

Alma Mater Europaea – AP:

Name: Alma Mater Europaea - Akademija za ples
Address: Dunajska ulica 158
City and Postcode: Ljubljana 1000
Country: Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0312 1100 0729 544 (SKB d.d.)  
Reference: SI00+ (account number)


The student must attach a scan or photo of the relevant proof to the application for conditional enrollment and for the extension of student status. Up to five attachments (in pdf or jpg/jpeg format) can be uploaded to VIS.

It is not necessary to attach any supporting proofs to applications for repeating the year and for absolvent stage (extended status), as the Student office check with the Ministry whether the student has the right to the enrollment and prepares the appropriate enrollment form within five working days (even if the currency on the account is set to a later date).


Alma Mater is linked with the information system eVŠ via the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. Records are established for years hind sightedly, therefore, make sure you review all documents well. The absolute deadline for enrolment in the study year 2024/25 is 27. 9. 2024. After this date, the enrolment is no longer possible due to processing of information in the Student Office Alma Mater and transfer of information to eVŠ.

IMPORTANT: A proof of payment of the enrollment fee and tuition fees must be upload to the enrollment documentation. Until the obligations are settled, we will not complete the enrollment.

Please read and follow the instruction regarding different possibilities of enrolment into an upper year of study below.