The following is an assembly of detailed instructions for various possibilities of enrolment into an upper year of study.

Important note: In Slovene higher education, students are required to enrol into each study year. »Progression to the next year of study« implies both new enrolments into a university, as well as continuing studies, or advancing into the next year of study.

Enrolment into upper years will take place from 19. 8. until 30. 9. 2019 at latest. Enrolment is done via electronic mail on 'VIS' (https://vis.esmb.si/english/prijava.htm) with a username and password. Completed enrolment documentation can be brought in person to the student office during official work hours or mailed via recommended mail to our address: Alma Mater Europaea, Slovenska ulica 17, 2000 Maribor.


Enrolment documentation includes:

  • Signed enrolment form
  • Two copies of a signed contract, which is printed from VIS and
  • A confirmation of payment for the first instalment of tuition and registration fees

A condition for enrolment to the next year is also the settlement of financial obligations to Alma Mater from the previous years.


Enrolment forms for progression to the next year will be made available in the second half of August. In consideration of exam deadlines in August and September, we will check the conditions for enrolment on a weekly basis and make the enrolment forms on VIS available for those, who have yet to complete them by September. Enrolment conditions for admission to the next year of studies of all programs at Alma Mater can be found on the webpage almamater.si. 

Should you fail to meet the criteria for enrolment into an upper year of study, you can submit a request for repetition of the year of study or one for a conditional enrolment (if you are missing only one condition and you have a valid reason to support your case)

After a completed last year of study, students can submit an electronic request to extend their student status (»Extended year«) –  this is done through the VIS website.

Should you provide adequate proof of inability to complete your study obligations, you can submit a request for extension of student status.

Requests for conditional enrolment, as well as requests for extension of student status are handled by an authorized Committee for Student Affairs or Senate ISH. Only requests that are complete and submitted on time will be considered.


No. of session Date of session Deadline for submission of requests to be considered in the session
Commission for health programs 
93. 29. 8. 2019 21. 8. 2019
94. 26. 9. 2019  18. 9. 2019
Commission for Social Gerontology
22. 29. 8. 2019 21. 8. 2019
23. 26. 9. 2019 18. 9. 2019
Commission for business programs 
17. 23. 8. 2019 12. 8. 2019
18. 25. 9. 2019 13. 9. 2019
Senat ISH
241. 30. 8. 2019 19. 8. 2019
242. 27. 9. 2019 17. 9. 2019

Submitters of requests will receive the decisions for the Committee by mail within five (5) business days after the assembly of the Committee for Student Affairs. Students can view the decision through VIS on the day of the session (under the 'Requests' tab). For a final/official decision to completed, the student must accept it.


Students must attach original documentation as proof, should this be necessary (e.g. conditional progression to the next year of study or extension of student status).

Requests for repeating a year and requests for enrolment in the extended year are submitted by the student vis VIS, where the relevant authorities review whether a student is entitled to their selected enrolment and prepares an enrolment sheet within five (5) days. 


Prescribed forms are available on VIS under the rubric Requests. The form/request must be electronically completed, printed, hand-signed and sent alongside the required documentation via registered mail to our address: Alma Mater, Slovenska ulica 17, 2000 Maribor. They can also be delivered in person to the Student Office during office hours. 


Name: Alma Mater Europaea - Evropski center, Maribor

Address: Slovenska 17

City and Postcode: Maribor 2000

Country: Slovenia

IBAN: SI56 03121-1000565129 (SKB d.d.) 


Reference: your student ID number)


Alma Mater Europaea – European Center, Maribor, is linkedto eVS portalvia the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. Records are established for a number of years hindsightedly, therefore make sure to review your completed documents thoroughly. The absolute deadline for enrolment in the 2019/20 study year is 30. 9. 2019. After this date, enrolment will no longer be possible due to the processing of information in the Student Office at Alma Mater and the transfer of information to eVS.


The following are accurate instruction regarding the different possibilities for enrolment into an upper year of study. Please read and follow the instructions thoroughly.